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Necrophilia -- Not that there’s Anything Wrong With That

It is a lifestyle choice like any other.
Particularly savory when combined with cannibalism -- a very personal choice of cuisine.
Who are you to say that your lifestyle is better?

The porn star and the body parts:

My lifestyle is *my* business -- defend a Paraphiliac's Right to Choose

[Pour plus d'informations: ]

In a  langorous  lifestyle interview, Magnotta called himself “a people person”, and scolded society for its prejudice against “male escorts” (he-whores):

Naked man chows down on derelict’s face:
And his mom protests that he's a good boy and should not have been shot before he'd finished his meal;  the officer should rather have inquired politely, "Would you like fries with that?"

And, of course, the classic, by which all other entries are measured:

Here's looking (right straight) at *you*, kid.

(The connection between anthropophagy and certain other paraphilias  is not new: cf.

This message paid for by the People’s LGBTQN Coalition.


And now this.  More ipsigeneric gourmandizing:  In Baltimore, African immigrant kills another African immigrant, eats his heart and brains:

Such acts are purveyed as hip fantasies by the deranged culture of Hollywood:

Overlong, overcrowded, overstimulating and with an over-the-top performance by Charlize Theron as the evil queen Ravenna, the movie is a virtual orchard of toxic excess, starting with the unnecessarily sprawling cast of characters.
Why is this movie even called “Snow White and the Huntsman”? As the man sent to capture Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and bring her back so that Ravenna can chow down on the heroine’s still-beating heart -- ewww, by the way -- Chris Hemsworth is no more important to the story than, say, the queen’s creepy brother

Viewers can enjoy other same-sex intimacies as well:

Ravenna’s beauty regimen involves bathing in milk as thick as latex paint, and sucking the youth out of young women’s mouths, like a Dementor from “Harry Potter”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, as the New York Times dutifully informs us:

The evil stepmothers of the past have been monsters of self-generating female narcissism, but Ravenna seems to be a woman with a legitimate grudge against a male-dominated world of sexual violence and patriarchal entitlement.

Oh -- well then!  Bon appetit!

[Update]  Further Hollywood fingerprints on this:

The Montreal body parts murder seems a ghoulish case of death imitating art, with weapon, setting, actions and even specific words by alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta mimicking those of a popular Hollywood thriller from 1992.
In the Oscar-winning movie Basic Instinct, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, the film starts with a graphic sex slaying, where the victim is bound to a bed in the killer’s bedroom, the two have sex and then the victim is vividly killed with an ice pick. Later, the killer, Ms. Stone’s character, says: “Killing isn’t like smoking. You can stop.”
In the graphic real-life video slaying, the victim, Lin Jun, is bound to a bed in a Montreal bedroom while he is sexually assaulted and then vividly stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick. Earlier, in a letter, the wanted fugitive Luka Magnotta in the case said: “Killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit.”
In a further similarity, while the Montreal murder seems to imitate the movie plot, the suspect in the movie, who is a crime novelist played by Ms. Stone, attracts the attention of police because her slaying imitates a murder described in one of her novels.

And here as well:

[Update]   Good lord, it gets worse:
"The Freshman" (1990) was an excellent, unjustly neglected movie.  It had a somewhat similar, flamboyant theme.  But it pales beside the reality.
There are no depths to which the paraphiliacs and their fey groupies will not sink.
There is no bottom to this bucket;  it goes straight down to Hell.

This is not an isolated aberration.  Such toadstools thrive in the poisonous soil of the decadent entertainment industry:

Si fait.  La culture est pourrie:
Luka Rocco Magnotta a un fan club. Des blogueurs vouent un véritable culte au désormais célèbre « démembreur ».

*     *    

Tired of marinating in a rehash of such squalid shenanigans?
Then bail out and read something timeless instead:
(For those not opting to do so --
We now return you to the folly of life here below.)

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[Update Oct 2012]  More on the wonderful world of male models here:

[Update 27 Dec 2012]  And now this:

Had enough?  No?  Then you'll keep taking it.,0,846175.story

At this point, it is not so much a slippery slope, as a slippery cliff.

[Update Oct 2013]  Further cinematic fascination with cannibalism:

[Update Dec 2013]  In view of recent events (which must go unnamed), we must concede and confess that there is nothing anyone has a right to say against the, mm, innovative cuisine choice of the Japanese chef;  nor  the creative foreplay (or afterplay:  some of it pre-mortem, some of it post-) of the Montreal charcutier.  To do so would be mere bigotry.  All Is Permitted, when Lord Satan holds sway.   For details of our Non-Comment, click here:

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