Monday, July 29, 2013

With friends like these…

WDJ is no fan of Political Correctitude, even when I happen to fall in a demographic that is supposedly aggrieved and in need of pampering.

I’ve known a fair number of spunky oldsters over the years, and nary a one of them was keen on this “Senior citizens/Golden-agers” gush;  as my mother-in-law used to insist, “I’m not a ‘Senior’, I’m old.”  (She has since passed on to a better place, where no-one is pimping for her vote.)

Just heard a treacly-smarmy spot on NPR, plugging some outfit that caters to people “sixty-two or better” (sic!), striving to provide them with … wait for it … a “services-rich lifestyle”.
(We pause briefly to barf.)
In other words, a life of parasitism and idleness.

I’m just 62 -- and not “better” -- and have no desire at all to be fawned-over like that.

[Update 29 July 2013]  I asked my wife if she had some probiotics, and she handed me a jar, from “Garden of Life”, which stated that its brand was for “Women 50 & wiser”.   Presumably this “wiser” is like that “better”:  meaning, older.
This is truly contemptible.  Likewise its targeting women:  these things are for the digestive, not the reproductive tract;  if there is any difference in which probiotics the genders need, I am unaware of it;  the point of the thing is merely so that the female customer can feel catered-to, special.

The other weirditude about this product is that, in addition to “33 probiotic strains”, it claims to contain “83 billion live cultures”.   This sounds like delirious nonsense, but who knows what it even means.  Anyone?

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