Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

As you all know, today is a day not like the others:  Today is National Penguin Awareness Day.

So don’t look for any mail delivery today;  all Federal workers have the day off.
(You don’t believe me?  Just check your mailbox.)

The site linked to above actually gives two dates:

Date When Celebrated:
Penguin Awareness Day: Always January 20
World Penguin Day: Always April 25th

As this could prove confusing to some people, we here append a systematic list of every international penguin celebration:

International Penguin Celebration Day:  Always November 30th
Penguins are Wonderful Day:  Always August 9th.
Hooray for Penguins Day: Always February 29th (observed quadrennially)
Penguin Awareness Sabbath (Seventh-day sabbatarians): Always January 19
How We Wish We Too Had Penguins (Saudi Arabia):  15th Dhu-al-Qa`dah
Sollemitas pinguinorum:  a movable feast, calculated as the midpoint between the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Lent.

Here we are celebrating Penguin Day in the village square.

So -- Enjoy the festivities.  And please, drink responsibly.


For more wonderful penguin fun, click HERE.

[Update]  Astronomers have calculated that, in the year 2286, the Sollemnitas pinguinorum will   for the first time in history  coincide with Happy Hamster Day.  The resulting dual celebrations might not merely add in intensitity, but resonate;  and like a bridge stimulated at its oscillatory natural frequency, by marching soldiers or by winds, spiral catastrophically, resulting in the melting of the polar icecaps (assuming they are even left by then), and conceivably in the implosion of cosmic spacetime.  Still, it’s a grand way to go.

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