Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bugs in Love

Out on the back deck, reading peacefully in the dappled sunlight, from time to time  laying down the book, and day-dreaming a bit.

Then all at once, from out the air,
two large and (what was that?) fast (faster!) large
(and ever larger, looming, as they rush   towards me    on)  

stark yellow   and   bold black,
whirling in a rapid dance,
just inches from
my up-
turned face …

They come to hover above my head, in a frenzy of kineticized embrace.  I’m amazed, and alarmed by their quick proximity;  even a bit indignant at this, mm, public display of affection.  Get a room!

Then at once,     they       |   .    .     .  |     part   ……..

A brood of baby butterflies 
have just been gifted   expectation of life,
above my head.

They both fly off  to separate trees,   no doubt to catch their breath, and smoke a cigarette.

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