Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Image from Paris Uncensored

The following image appeared in my inbox this morning, as part of the daily news feed from Le Figaro:

Couché, chiot !
[Couché, chiot ! :  French for,  Assume the position ...]

It is the latest semi-official Xantippean provocation, from the land of les Femen.   To promote what is supposedly a kumbaya-feelgood-bisounours celebration, she thrusts forward an image of algolagnic paraphilia.

But what is really interesting is that the Figaro article itself, self-censors, cropping the image to obscure the riding-crop, and losing the "assume-[the-position]" bit:

Indeed, I tried searching the Net for the full image, in Google Image, and could not find it.  I found the censored image;  if you click on it, among the ‘Related Images’ are a number of items that include the uncensored one;  but if you click on that, it doesn’t work, although all the others in the group click through okay.

The fact of the matter is, the paraphiliac/diabolist lobby in France, has been relentlessly degrading what is publically permissible;  ample documentation here:

So they figured, hey, a headless dominatrix, clad all in rubber-fetish Satanic scarlet, cravache à la main, put forward as the official symbol of a national festival of social reconciliation -- sure, these Gallic lapdogs will lap it up.  

Only -- this time, the provocation earned a rasperry;  les bonzes la boudent.  And so the image was withdrawn -- yet more, was censored in the press, and somehow actually wiped from the Internet.

For more on decapitation-porn,  cliquez ici:

Pour contrecarrer ces immondices,
il nous faut  la Sainte Eglise
Murphy Calls In a Specialist
 [Kindle] [Nook]

Note for anglophones:
Boîte literally means ‘box’;  improbably enough, the words are actually cognate, both going back to Latin buxus (the wood of a certain evergreen).  A yet loftier cognate is the Greek word that gave us pyx -- an holy object of hatred to the satanists.  Its use in the slogan «J'aime ma boîte» puzzled me, since it is many years since I have lived in France, and I have not kept up with popular culture.   It surely is making no allusion to the pyx (which in any case is in French ciboire).   But in English, there is a slang meaning to the word box, one quite common in my youth, though of late  neglected.  (One of the very first jokes I heard, as a young child -- ca. 1956 -- was:  “What’s black, one-eyed, wears a mezuzah, and comes in a white box?”  I dutifully memorized the joke -- children treat them very solemnly, you know, while learning the ropes -- while understanding it not at all.   By the time I did understand it, it was no longer remotely salonfähig.   The answer I dare not supply here  other than by initials:  S…. D… J…. .)  And this alternate, louche sense, being purely geometrico-anatomical, translates into any language.  One really wonders whether there might not be some sous-entendu allusion to the autogynophillic fétiche of that celebrated artiste nipponne who … well, read about it yourself.

Travaillant au noir,
le détective  se trouve aux prises
avec le Saint-Esprit

[Update]  Just found a different image, from an earlier article in the same newspaper:

This one is uncropped, yet curiously distorted, bloated and somehow even sicker:

What is going on in that country?

(Hand it to Le Figaro, though:  no other media outlet has dared touch this story, so far as I can tell.)

Aux armes, chrétiens! 


Pour le palmarès complet  de nos causeries hexagonales, ceci:

[Mise à jour, 21 sept 2014] Mais --

trêve de grogneries  genre  Caton l'Ancien,
sur des ailes dorées !


[ Mise à  jour  23 sept 14]   Emplois disponibles !
Pour celles qui aimeraient bien brandir la cravache, et l’appliquer avec rigueur et justesse  à la chair  coupable et fondante,
il y a maintenant, chez Daech, des boulots-rêve pour vous!

Even before the emergence of Islamic State, small numbers of women — mostly Europeans — began arriving in parts of Syria as wives of foreign fighters, which "encouraged the original image of Syria being a five-star jihad".
One online poster, Umm Ubaydah, claims to have traveled alone to Syria to take care of her husband and fellow Islamic State fighters. Three days after American reporter Steven Sotloff was executed, one person asked on her Tumblr page, where she occasionally writes in Swedish, what she thought of his execution. "I wish I did it," she answered simply.
The recruitment of women defies the conservative Muslim belief that a woman needs permission from her male guardian to travel or marry. Recruiters insist that the obligation to live in the caliphate trumps the requirement for permission.
Women formed the Khansa Militia, an armed morality squad whose job one anti-Islamic State activist summed up as "detaining and whipping."
During one raid, the militia detained several high school students and teachers for such transgressions as wearing niqabs that were too transparent, having visible eyebrows or wearing a hair clip under the hijab. Each one was whipped 30 times.

O, mais c’est à en devenir m-m-m-m-mmmmmoite …..

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