Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Taylor Swift’s mortgage-based ebolacidal sexxxsational tweet about Ontology !!!

It is a welcome built-in feature of Blogspot, that they report (partially, and to some extent) which posts people are viewing, and where they log in from.  As, a few minutes ago, an internaut from Turkey was contemplating this piece:  

            Ontology Porn

It is sort of thrilling to have readers as far away (both geographically and politically) as Turkey, especially one interested in Ontology.  Only …  In this case, although Blogstats itself did not provide the searchstring he used, it was possible to work it out  through other means;  and we are pained to report that it was:

            dr. porn blogspot

That is not the sort of Websurfer we want, nor the reputation we wish to have.

Anyhow -- Ontology is an interesting subject;  we invite you to survey the totality of our essays on the subject, here:

And if that is a subject too rich for your blood, then there are always … penguins:

Ceci n'est pas un pingouin


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