Monday, March 2, 2015

La Grande Bouffe (mise â jour)

Certain censorious eyebrows have frowned at the self-celebrating birthday feast on which Zimbabwean President-for-Life Robert Mugabe is chowing down.   Featured on the menu:  expensive elephants.  One recalls the predilection of his fellow African dictator, Bokassa, for another exotic delicacy, long pig.
Both men are still widely revered in Africa, though scarcely outside it.

To those who objected to the high cost of the festivities, saying that it might better have been spent on Zimbabwe’s orphans, the President-for-Life gave an answer recalling that of Our Lord in similar circumstances, though turned upside-down, indicating in effect:

Orphans are but the mayflies of a day;
Me you have with you forever.

[Update 2 March 2015]  Oh -- turns out it’s baby elephant.  So-o-o succulent.

Gnam gnam -- Le plat du jour

Headline in this morning’s New York Times.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe served baby elephant at lavish birthday bash
Mugabe, over a feast of varied exotic animals, took the pulpit to excoriate safaris.

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