Sunday, November 15, 2015



Acting on an anonymous Smartphone tip, the Speech Police are reporting an allegation of a possible rumor of a Microaggression, either recent, or in progress, or expected to occur,  at an unnamed educational facility. Ladies and those identifying as ladies  should proceed to the nearest Safe Space. Other students are advised to shelter in place.

Documented examples of actual micro-aggressions :
[Background, quoted from a liberal source: 

Ernest Gellner (mitteleuropäischen Ursprungs; later taught at LSE) wrote, in a perceptive and indeed prescient essay (“The Panther and the Dove”, 1969)

What is worrying about the student part of the movement  is its occasional illiberalism.  However libertarian its members may be about legalizing marijuana, they do sometimes put forward proposals such as the student control of ‘what is taught and how’.
-- reprinted in: Ernest Gellner, Contemporary Thought and Politics (1978), p. 83

The deformations that Gellner noticed on campuses, almost half a century ago, have continued to grow like weeds.

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