Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yet another reason never to say anything online, anywhere, ever, at all

From this morning’s news:

A former Countdown champion hunted down and attacked a teenager after she posted a bad review of his book online.
Richard Brittain smashed a bottle of wine into Paige Rolland’s head as she stacked shelves in an Asda supermarket in Glenrothes, Scotland.
He tracked the 18-year-old down online through her social media accounts after reacting badly to her analysis of his self-published title.
Brittain, 28, who was crowned Countdown champion in 2006, travelled 500 miles from his home in Bedford to the Fife town.

PS:   Every book I have ever read  was simply wonderful.
(With the possible exception of some by certain dead guys.  Only, even they might have their fanatical fans.   So, yeh, I totally loved “Paradise Regained”.)

Further proof (if more were needed) that “silence is golden”:

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