Wednesday, November 18, 2015

C’est parti -- ça commence

A discarded cellphone  which the police found near the Bataclan, contained this text-message:

on est parti  on commence’’

Loosely translated:  Let’s roll.”

That might prove, for November/Friday-the-13th,  what “The match begins tomorrow” became (in the public mind) for 9/11.
Not because of that day’s body-count;  but because the event may later be seen as the “tipping-point” -- das Umkippen -- when even slow learners like Hollande  finally got the message.  Epigram/epitaph  going forward:

C’est parti -- ça  commence.

Loosely:  Now we’re in for it.”


If so, this may, in some sense, be bigger than 9/11.
For:  the freakishly high death-toll of 9/11  was in part due to an unexpected result of architectural engineering.  Watching the twin towers just … collapse … vertically … engendered disbelief.  (The bastard offspring  of such disbelief  was a conspiracy theory.)  Moreover, there has been almost no follow-up on American soil.  And this, because it really was an extraneous attack of a few intruders; there was no indigenous Muslim fan-club for those guys, in America, at that point.

Quite different is the scene in France, where a follow-on op to Nov/Vendredi-13, was not long in coming. Here, a magnificent public presentation by the Procureur de Paris, François Molins -- Churchillian in its focus and concision:

Le commando neutralisé à Saint-Denis était prêt à «passer à l'acte»

And here, an unusually detailed blow-by-blow account of the Saint-Denis raid, from its leader, Jean-Michel Fauvergue:

Kudos to you, gentlemen.

Eyewitness from the Bataclan:

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