Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An After-chapter of “The Pelican Brief”

In the aftermath of the assassination untimely demise  of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, conspiracy-theorists are crawling out of the woodworks.    In attempt to get to the bottom of this, the Washington Post assembled a crack panel of legists, detectives, and forensic experts.  Their learnèd conjectures  were all over the map.  Here is a selection:

Possible list of suspects in the assassination of Scalia: 
- Obama 
- Hillary 
- Bill Ayers 
- Vince Foster 
- Greenpeace ninjas 
- Illegal immigrant Mexican Muslims 
- Operation Jade Helm 
- The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
I'm positive this all ties in with Obama's bungling of Katrina.
Was Dick Cheney in the area ?
It was Valentine's Day, and they were having a Boys Night together to celebrate. Cheney skipped out before his blood alcohol level could be tested, just as he did the last time he tried to kill someone in Texas.
Cheney was taken by black helicopter to the closest Wal-Mart where he entered the secret tunnel system. The entrance is in the aluminum foil section of every Wal-Mart, and the password is "Benghazi!"
I think this country has gotten stuck inside an X-Files episode.
Were any quail seen entering or leaving the inn that night?
On the night of the death Obama was seen waving a bone over a fire and chanting a Kenyan Voo Doo chant.
Colonel Obama with the candlestick from the grassy knoll.
I personally do not believe the Fox News report that Judge Scalia's family opposed an autopsy because the entire family had recently converted to Islam. A cruel lie. And in questionable taste.

But connoisseurs of the Riemann Conspiracy  meet all such wild conjectures  with a tolerant smiles.  The truth lies much, much deeper.
Begin the journey  here.

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