Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mobystich, v. 6.1

~      ~        ~

two hundred tons of blank immensity     immobile and alone

~      ~        ~

Note:  The reason these things are labeled “versions” is that they are all instantiations of the original Urmobystich or Moby-Archistich.   To wit -- from the chapter called "The Town-Ho's Story" (and no, "Town-Ho" does not mean what you think it means; it's the name of a ship):

~  the appalling beauty  of the vast milky mass ~

 In the spirit of Minimalism, we would not wish to devote more than one single monostich to the subject of Moby Dick;  he himself would wish it no otherwise.     In the ideal Mobystich Acquisition Device, there exists but a single monostich;  yet by Symmetry Breaking, this gets framed differently on different days.   These are, you might say, contextually conditioned mobyphones deriving from a single basic monosticheme.
[For the pronunciation of that last, $500 word, click here:
Once you have mastered it, simply walk into any singles bar
(provided you are single; offer void where prohibited)
and utter those plangent syllables.
Never again need you spend the night alone. ]

Here's lookin' at *yew*,  Ahab !

Bonus:  Meta-Urmobystich.

Melville himself  penned such another,  in one of his poems about the Civil War:

The shark    glides white
through the phosporus sea

On this, Alfred Kazin comments (in An American Procession, 1984):  It certainly breaks up the evening labor wreathed in cigar smoke;  Melville is full of wonderful lines."

Uber-bonus:   For our earlier mobystichs, try these:

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