Sunday, February 7, 2016

Riemann Conspiracy denialism

The evidence for the existence of a vast, tentacular nexus known to insiders as the “Riemann Conspiracy  (that is just a cover-name, but it’ll do) has been growing now daily  for several years,  and is far too powerful to ignore.

Just this morning -- front-page headline in the Washington Post:

Evidence suggests that times are good, yet many voters said their dominant emotion is fear — and the sense that somebody is keeping them in the dark.

Of course they are:  they don’t want U 2 know !!

And yet, despite all that, some people are still in denial:

Riemann conspiracy denialists

The latest twist in this intricate saga  appeared this morning on the front page of the business section, in the New York Times:

Hong Kong’s Disappearing Publishers

The story concerns the shadowy (and absurdly named) “Mighty Current Media” (the tongue-in-cheekily unidiomatic business-name will remind insiders of the “Foreign Excellent Trenchcoat Company”, run by another Riemann operative, Leopold T.).  It reveals that, since October, no fewer than five of its top operatives have physically vanished.

That in itself might raise eyebrows, though you might just shrug and turn the page, under the misimpression that “disappearing” referred merely to hard a financial climate forcing some media outlets to fold.   But now look at how, in the Times website, the headline has already been censored-down (doubtless in response to a frantic call on the red phone) to the yawn-inducing

In China, Books That Make Money, and Enemies

This, citizens, is how the truth gets deep-sixed !

The real story, to the extent that we are permitted to reveal it (names, dates, and facts have been changed) is that a small, fly-by-night Hong Kong publisher, whose public string-pullers are British and Swedish (fronting for the real owners), operating under regulations different from those on the mainland, masquerading as but a tabloid outlet of the gutter press, has managed to release, hidden in a forest of ridiculous check-out-counter-style “exposés”,  which no serious person would so much as glance at, some genuine inside dope that goes to the heart of one of the Riemann sub-conspiracies.   (That clever scenario is reminiscent of the “Six Days of the Condor” caper, where the truth had been hidden in the form of a novel.)  The book, disguised as a sort of Harlequin-romance-cum-international-thriller, was titled

Whirling Shadows of Spies

(Again:  A deliberately idiotic title, to deflect suspicions from the real intent.)

The moment the authorities got wise to this, they raided every distribution point and pulped the entire edition.   And then -- in a twist that only happens in real life, being beyond the capacity of potboiler-writers to imagine -- they themselves issued a contrary book with an identical title  and distributed it widely, so that anyone attempting to research the issue will find his queries flooded with references to this red herring.  (The New York Times, for example, was completely taken in.)


Well, I’ve got to sign off now -- someone is at the door.  (Which is puzzling, since nobody knows of my whereabouts at this isolated mountain retreat.)   More -- inshallah -- anon.

Meanwhile you can introduce yourselves to the basic outlines of the Riemann Conspiracy, via a series of revealing leaks, beginning here:


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