Friday, November 11, 2011

Orthoëpy of ‘Monostich’

This interesting word  does not in fact rhyme with without a stitch, nor with horny b*tch (O perish the thought); but rather (saving your presence) with dick and prick (alternate rhyme-words available on request).

To avoid bad advice on rhymes for "monstich", do not click here:
[Note: That has since been fixed by the site's alert administrator, whom we here salute.
By all means, click on this link daily.]

For further thrilling revelations from the orthoëpic universe, click here.

[This message is provided as a public service by the Department of Agriculture.]

[Update 23 IV 2012]  I have just coined a most exquisite vocable:

which you can savor here:

As its inventor, it behoves me to reveal its pronunciation.  After much reflection, and consultation with the gods, I have decided upon the following:


So let it be written;  so let it be said.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for pointing it out. I have altered with the proper pronunciation.

  2. Peace, and thanks for your note.
    That post is really just part of a running jest. Some time ago, I experimented with trying to boost the precedence in Google searches for the phrase “humble woodchuck”, and later “Urysohn Metrization Theorem”. These experiments worked. But, despite having published numerous monostichs, and essays about that genre, this site still has almost no Google-creds for a search on “monostich”. So this is part of jocularly goosing the stats.
    That “orthoëpy” business is also kind of an inside joke: I’ve noticed from the blogspot stats that many readers seem to like this sort of rare and curious-looking word, and search on them to find this site.
    Be well.