Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marmot Market

Farmer (chewing a stalk of straw):  That’s one right humble woodchuck y’got y’se’f there, Doc.
Dr J:  Yep.  We raise ‘em that way, right from a chucklet.
Farmer (scoping out the creature with a practiced eye):  How much y’reckon you’d take for that’un right there?
Dr J:  What -- Harry?  O no, Harry’s not for sale.  Too durn humble.
Farmer (he’s an old hand at this):  Nice pelt… little undersized, though… What would y’say to a hundred simoleons?
Dr J:  But you jest!  Look at that glittering eye, that cute short tail --
Farmer:  Yes, and those legs like stumpy thumbs.  Two hun’erd and that’s my final word.
Dr J (rubbing his stubble):  Hmmm…. Two… hundred…  ‘course someone offered me twice that just t’other day, but I like your looks, so okay -- deal.
Harry the Humble Woodchuck (bristling indignantly):  A measly two hundred?!  Are you out of your mind?!?!?!  For me???!!!   ME ??!!!!!!!!!

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