Friday, January 21, 2011

"Memento": a meditation

            Acutely aware of my own limitations of understanding and even simple memory (I take *lots* of notes), I identified keenly with the plight of the protagonist.  I’ve had somewhat similar experiences, dusting off a math text from freshman year, remembering nothing of it -- but see, there in the margin, copious notes in my own hand…
            (I cannot count how many times I have gone back to basics, painfully relearning the calculus.  Just as, each spring, Suzanne takes me on a tour of the garden, pointing out the various flowers and naming them; I enjoy them with the freshness of a child, of a new-bloomed bud, but never remember their names.  My mind is so constituted, that only language sticks – many languages, reams and reams of that! – but without their referents.)
            But I digress.  The --  Where was I?

[Update July 2014] Acutely aware of ....    Where was I ??

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