Friday, January 21, 2011

World Ends; Pork-Belly Futures Hold Steady

Facilis descensus Averno.
Herewith some recent waymarks on the declivity.

[Update 1 Feb 2011]
Oof, and now this:

[Update March 2011]
...and this:

[Update 14 July 2011]
Remarkable even for Baltimore:

Remarkable even for D.C.:

[Update 27 July 2011]
Beneath the barrel-bottom lies...
("The woman later told police she wanted to eat the baby's arm...")

[Update 27 October 2011]
Noteworthy even for West Philadelphia:

[Update 19 Dec 2011]  Oh well oh-kay then...

[Update 29 Mar 2012] Mirror image of a currently celebrated Florida case:

[Update -- nolens volens -- 30 May 2012]

The porn star and the body parts:

Naked man chows down on hobo’s face:

[Update 12 Oct 2012],0,6904031.story
Texas mom gets 99 years for beating, super-gluing girl's hands
Escalona, a mother of five, said she was molested, abused by boyfriends, and was a recovering marijuana and cocaine addict. She was raising her children on child support payments.
She glued the toddler to the wall of their apartment and beat her.
It’s too early to tell if she has lasting brain damage.

[Update 17 Oct 2012]

Parents ran exotic strip club in home as children watched
Investigators found seven adopted children, all under 11 years old, living there and at least five ecstasy pills sitting on the kitchen counter  
The children told officers that LaQuron Lacy, 43, would hit them with “fists, belts, hangers and metal objects, which caused them traumatic injuries and scarring,”
A 7-year-old girl also told officers Gregory Lacy had recently sexually assaulted her on a bathroom floor.

[Update 25 Nov 2012]

An alleged drunk driver plowed into a pedestrian and then careened along with the fatally struck man remaining on her windshield for more than two miles before stopping. Wilkins continued driving for about 2.3 miles with the man "embedded in her windshield.”
“O tempora,” you cluck, disgusted.
Ahh… but here’s the beauty part:
Wilkins, whose blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, told officers she was coming home from work.
From … work !?   What is she like when she’s leaving a party?

*     *    

Tired of marinating in a rehash of such squalid shenanigans?
Then bail out and read something timeless instead:
(For those not opting to do so --
We now return you to the folly of life here below.)

*     *     *

[Update, 26 November 2012]  Uh-oh, it gets better, i.e. worse.
First, she liked about the “work” part:
Wilkins told officers she was on her way home from work at the time of the crash, but Lisonbee said the facility only had daytime meetings on Saturdays and was closed.

But further, what was her “work” exactly?  Bartender?  Hostess in a strip joint? No-o-o….
The woman accused of fatally hitting a pedestrian and carrying him on her windshield more than two miles worked at a Torrance recovery center as a substance-abuse counselor.

[Update 27 July 2013],0,3548542.story

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  1. Thankfully I don't live in L.A. What a dangerous place! Full of guns and failed actors and über-rich TV producers. I never hear anything good about it on the news, so it must be a bad place.