Friday, January 21, 2011


 While a search on “Urysohn Metrization Theorem” or “humble woodchuck”  or even "Sit fides penes authorem"  takes you right here  [well, did, until the Illuminazis hacked our site] -- despite the fact that, so far, we have had nothing of interest to say upon either of those first two worthwhile topics, and the third is a misspelling --  a search on  “david justice blog” takes you, well, everywhere else. 
Probably the problem is that we’ve never actually used the word “blog”.  Accordingly, we do so now.
I blog; thou bloggest; he blogs (or: bloggeth), y’all blog.
Blog; blogger; bloggest.
I have blogged (he hath bloggen), thou art blogging, she shall blogoscopy
A priest and a rabbi walk into a blog.   A blog on ice.  The blog of war. 
“Drop that blog!” he blogged, bloggily.
(and as a strong verb):  blig; blag; blog;bluggen.
Blogissimo.  Blogosity.  Blogonics.

That should do it.

[Update 4 May 2011:   It did not.
Not merely do -- understandably -- sites devoted to the baseball slugger predominate,  but even some astrological dreck shows up before this site (if it even ever does; I lost patience paging).
For Google he is a Jealous God;  great is his wrath; unpitying.]

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