Sunday, September 4, 2011

“Deconstructing Deconstructionism”

[Continued from this.]

[Announcer:]  The stands are sold-out, as Dr Justice at last emerges from his dressing-room, to deliver the definitive refutation of the Deconstructionists and all their works.

[The crowd murmurs.]

Dr J:
-- Ha!  You fancied I would waste any pixels on that?

:  I micturate on Deconstructionism.  
:  I defecate on Deconstructionism.
But I do not stoop to … engage … with Deconstructionism -- or its Parisian messenger-boy, Derrida !!!!

[And the people went wondering  away.]


With relief  we welcome some distinguished professorial company   in invoking scatology  to combat the purveyors of scat:

Deconstruction deconstructs itself, and disappears up its own behind, leaving only a disembodied smile  and a faint smell of sulphur.
-- Roger Scruton, Modern Philosophy (1994), p. 478

This, in a chapter appropriately titled “The Devil”.

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