Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Epistemological Apophthegms

(1) Die Löwen aber sprechen doch;  nur verstehen wir sie nicht.

(2) A question often posed by philosophers:
Suppose I tell Donald Trump to go stuff himself.  He then goes, and stuffs himself accordingly.  But-- how do we know that he was following a rule?

(3)  Epistemologists have at last determined, what it is like to be a bat:   You get to fly, and insects taste yummy.  Not so bad as some people had supposed.

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Knowledge Explained

Q:   Can we, to some degree of accuracy, and with any certainty of our success, know the external world?
A:  Yes.

Q: Yet how can this be so?
A:  Because God has so ordered and appointed the world in which we live, and the minds of us who live in it, that we, by His grace  and by our own inborn propensities, supplemented by investigative efforts undertaken of our own Free Will, may come to learn the broad outlines of the Creation.

[Technical note:  There exist other answers, but no better answers.]

[More such profound insights here.]

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