Sunday, September 25, 2011

Want a woodchuck with that?


Simply add


as a search-term to any Google search, and watch your results hugely improve !

Try it !

            mathematics woodchuck
            theology woodchuck
            topology woodchuck
            Urysohn woodchuck
            grommet-top curtains woodchuck
            sexxx woodchuck sexxx woodchuck sexxx sexxx sexxx
Sadly, the following do not work:

            a woodchuck and a rabbi walk into a bar
            now is the woodchuck of our discontent
            O woodchuck my woodchuck
            in the beginning was the woodchuck

nor, amazingly, does this:

            a woodchuck and a rabbi walk into a bar grommet grommet grommet

Our R&D department is working this issue.

Meanwhile, here is a fun phrase for G*g*l to index:

            A woodchuck by any other name would be a groundhog

[This message brought to you by the International Marmotic Society.
All rights prohibited.]

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