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We have so far (palin) not commented (palin palin) on that new tempest in a cup of tea (palin tymoshenko palin), which not long ago was but a turd on the horizon, no bigger than a man’s hand;  but here, in lieu of our own observations, is a tart and cogent essay in this morning’s Chicago Tribune:

            Rick Perry grabs a 'third rail'

[Update 7 IX 11]  I watched as much as I could stand of the Republican debate -- about a minute.  So, Rick Perry wants to roll back the New Deal.  Fair enough.  Man's entitled to his own opinion, same as Hitler or anybody else.  "Maybe it's time to have some provocative language in this country," he shot back;  and I don't disagree:  better say what you mean, and that forcefully, than tergiversate and prevaricate.   The problem's not the language ("Ponzi scheme") but what he's targeting, and what he would put in its place (if he's even thought ahead that far). -- Another problem is that, so far, most of the provocateurs have been Teabaggers.  Let's hope our President, in his speech tonight, provokes back.

The low point came with Michelle Bachmann calling for $2-a-gallon gas, even as the candidates called for lowered imports of fuel.  Notice the contradiction.  But apart from that, gasoline prices are a pretty good litmus test of whether a politician understands ecology and economics, or is just whoring for the moron vote.  (Answer in the back of the book:  Raise taxes on gas.)
As long as we're pretty much down in the gutter right here, I'll stoop to mentioning her physical appearance.  Although, "technically" as you might say, she is a very handsome woman, her presence is icy -- chilling.  She recalls the robot-woman in "Metropolis", both physically and politically:  on the surface a rabble-rousing populist, but in reality allied to the forces of reaction.

Rick Perry may well gain momentum.  He has the swagger of a man who gets laid a lot, like Berlusconi (or Mussolini).   Those were implausible candidates in their time -- an extravagantly corrupt billionaire, and a strutting failed-former-socialist -- but they found the rotten spot.   Where the flesh has mildewed on the body politic, there people like Rick Perry can find an in.
My gosh, it just occurred to me:  A Perry/Palin ticket.  Sexually unstoppable !

[Update 18 IX 2011] The Texan Erection
Notice how the illustration in this mornings NYTimes alludes to this cock-of-the-walk aspect of the man.  Here he looks like a, well, like a membrum in a state of aroused virility.   The little image on your screen doesn't quite get it across:  in the print edition, the image is much larger, much ... longer, taking up almost the entire broadsheet page.]

Well, heck, don't take it from a possibly prejudiced Northeasterner (though indeed I was born in Tennessee).  Let the Texans tell it.  Here in the Lone Star state, we find the model for the rest of the nation; in the words of the Austin American-Statesman: "Texas legislators actually are trying to sell the insane notion that funding for public education can be cut by billions of dollars."

It's a depressing scenario.  Jon Huntsman weighed in with non-denial of a couple of scientifically uncontroversial statements about biology and climatology;  but in so doing (as an L.A.Times reporter accurately put it) he "played the role of a scold".   From the standpoint simply of drama-criticism, that is so.   Perry's whole body-language proclaims:  "You can state truths, and I can tell lies;  but I am the guy with the big round hairy balls, and you are dust -- you are nothing to me."

Just read a very astute reader's comment to that L.A.Times article:
   The Bobblehead Brigade. Romney probably thinks he can be President. The rest are in it to sell books.

Yipes! Brilliant!   I've got a bunch of books myself to sell, and they haven't exactly been moving.
=>  I hereby announce my candidacy for President of the United States, running for the Republican Party.


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