Saturday, September 3, 2011

Waymarks on the Roadmap to Hell

Owing, not to courage, but to the intermission of the Atlantic Ocean, an essayist for Le Monde, this morning, is not afraid to observe “le taux ahurissant de jeunes filles mères aux Etats-Unis”, seldom publically alluded to here by the liberal bien-pensants.   But then, idiotically  -- as though pulling a carrot out of a hat -- he ascribes this to… Puritanism.

I hold no brief at all for the American bluenose, and am willing even to side with Chesterton against our nation’s history, as GKC made bold to side with the Boers against the history of his own.  But, whatever its faults and shortcomings, Puritanism is by no means to be blamed for the spate of baby-mamas.   You might search, with your lantern, a long time, before finding a Puritan, in Watts or in Hollywood.

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