Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Golden Oldies: Parables

Sometimes it’s fun to make a philosophical point via a sotie or a parable: C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters is a particularly brilliant example of this.   And so I have tried my hand at it, on a much smaller scale -- first, taking off from one of Lewis’s own (non-parabolic) works, Miracles:

This restates Lewis’s essentially epistemological point, as a satire re-keyed to folkloristics.

A central purpose of this blog is the defense of Platonism (principally in mathematics), and by extension, of other sorts of Realism, including Theism.  The following satiric parable is phrased in the lingo of our Nominalist (in this case, Ultra-Darwinian) opponents:

These are (I am told) quite funny if you “get it”;  otherwise, simply baffling.

[For further parables, click the Label immediately below.
 Your forefinger will not regret the effort expended.]

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