Sunday, June 17, 2012


It has been my sad fate, ever to be anticipated;  and this, in the simplest things.
Thus -- the very name.  “David Justice”.   Turns out there was some sort of baseball guy, called himself that -- instead of “Dave”, like a baseball player should.  You Google the name, he’s the guy you find. A  fine athlete and a decent man, nothing against him;  but his mother shoulda consulted my mother, before she named him that, because I was here first.
(And still I have to put up with lame-ass Halle Berry jokes, from my freaking cardiologist.)

Then “Dr Justice”.   That name for this site was actually chosen by others (J.R., then later, K.A.M.), but I have gladly acceded to it.  And again, it was already taken, by “Docteur Justice” -- details here.

And lastly … this is too absurd, but … In the 60’s, I was a drummer in a band, called “The Starfires”.   We were mostly mediocre;  but there exists one “basement tape”, of a remarkable jam session in 5/4 time, of which I once possessed a copy … reel-to-reel, several technologies ago.  But the thought suddenly occurred to me -- maybe one of the guys in the band actually transferred that to something readable, and uploaded it -- who knows?   So I checked on YouTube, and sure enough, there’s a band called that, but nothing to do with us.  Plus, we were just so-so;  but these guys suck.

[update, later this evening]
This post is getting a surprising number of hits, given that it's basically boring.
Perhaps some of you are curious about the author of this blog, is all.
Well, sate your appetite here:

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  1. Apparently I'm a still-life photographer (specializing in the never-before-seen Two Flowers in an Artistic Vase Against a Solid Background style), and I attended finishing school in New England (HA! Finishing school!). *sigh* But, I guess, with a name like mine, it could have been soooo much worse.