Sunday, June 17, 2012

Only the best for my friends

A splendid summer weekend is the time to sample all the pleasures from ale to zymurgy.  Today I sampled something new, an IPA called “Double-Wide”; the cheerful label depicts a trailer of that description, together with the reassurance -- somewhat unexpected from a marketing standpoint -- “Relax -- It’s twister-proof”;  while off in the background, said twister is depicted, keeping its distance and no doubt murmuring “Curses -- foiled again!”.  The brand-name is something of a pun, since the brew in question is technically a “double IPA”.
And no -- don’t flee -- I’m not about to become one of these Internet beer bores who go on and on about "lacing", "head retention", “mouthfeel”  (eww…) and that rot.  Of gustatorial details  you have no need from me;  the only point, in the present connection, is that said beverage does credit to the brewmasters of Kansas City, Missouri.  (In fact, I’m going to enjoy another one right now, as a toast to their zymurgical expertise.   -- Mmmmm, such mouthfeel!  Tastes like p*ssy!)

Now, I normally rinse out bottles before putting them into the recycling bin (unlike a certain UID/USP wifeperson at this residence, who shall go nameless), since, in summertime, the alternative scarcely bears contemplating.   And by coincidence, at the same sink, I was simultaneously filling up a bucket to feed our front-garden flowerfriends;  at which point the insight presented itself of its own accord.   Why waste the heeltap of this splendid beverage down the drains, when thirsty little flowerpopkins gape their mouths like baby birds?  So, into the bucket  the rinsings went, richly enriching the water.

Judging from the subsequent shimmering beauty of the frontlawn floral community, the results were all that might be wished for.

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  1. I hope the wifeperson doesn't accidentally read this!