Saturday, June 9, 2012

Religious Minimalism

(In keeping with the Minimalist aesthetic -- no paragraphs, just notes.)

Islam is even more stripped-down;  it has been compared to Christian Arianism.

In the opposite direction: LDS.  => Topological Theology.

Minimalism:  cf. Monasticism.

Monotheism, of course;  but what variety?   Deism is a minimalist version of Theism -- unfortunately, in a way that leaves people out of the picture.   The Realist arguments in our Theologia Mathematica series of essays  support Deism, but they do not strictly take us to Theism:  for that, more is needed, evidence and insight of a different sort.

For a stark religious tale in a minimalist style, check this out:

Murphy Calls in a Specialist
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