Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Philosopher’s Counsel to those Struggling on the Uphill Climb of Life

No matter how dark the lane -- how glowering the clouds, how dour the gloom and chill of inky night --
how seemingly hopeless the prospects of progress, nor any amelioration of our present lot,
We must never despair -- never say die -- chin up -- and nourish hope  for brighter days to come.

For there is, after all, alcohol;  and the prudent man (seasoned, and wise beyond his years) always keeps a trove of the good stuff in readiness, along with a selection of mixers.  Oh, and chips.


  1. I was just thinking it was about time to start ensuring that I have sufficient supplies of gin, tonic water, and limes. I need better hot-weather drinks.

    1. We have previously compared epistemological notes, you and I, on the perennial subject of G&T's. The addition of *limes* adds a new depth to the problem. We should perhaps discuss this at some future date, over suitable libations.
      Purely in the interests of Science.

    2. That sounds wonderful. In an enlightening kind of way.