Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Different Denial from DoD

Okay, so, so what.  So some hacker has managed to break into our secure servers and extract evidence that PROJ URYSOHN does indeed exist.
Well OK, so it does, but all it is is, is a proposal to plant dogwoods on the south lawn of an undisclosed location in Langley, Virginia (which, incidentally, is lovely at this time of year).  The project is headed by our Chief Gardener, Mr. Aloysius Urysohn (for whom the project is named).   For proof, here is his portrait and sworn testimony:

"Honest Injun, it's totally true !" -- A.U.

In the meantime, we have upgraded the security level on our servers to “ORANGE” (one step above LEMON, though not so severe as POMEGRANATE), so that this sort of thing does not happen again.  We realize now that “PCGUEST” was not an especially good password for SYSAD access.  The password has been algorithmically upgraded to add a random digit at the end -- but we won’t tell you which one.  (Get it?   Which “””one”””….   ;->)
All this, the better to serve you, the taxpayer.

We trust that this clarification  answers all your questions.


  1. Here's a really secure password you can use, free of charge from me 2 U :

    1. Thanks! We have implemanted that password in the system that controls our nations power-grid. The citizens can sleep safely tonite !!