Monday, June 10, 2013

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Proposition:   ||picture|| = 10^3  × ||words||

Q.E.D., mon chéri

Assignment:  Come up with a verbal description that is as valuable as that picture of La divine Aurélie, yet which serves as counterexample to that purported proof.  That is to say, your essay must number no more than 999 words.

Your grade will be based on:  Content (10%);  Penmanship (90%)


Bonus questions.
Owing to its sterling reputation, the Ivy League admissions offices have outsourced their evaluation procedures for the incoming Class of 2017  to The World of Doctor Justice  (headquarters:  Geneva).   Accordingly, we have set a rigorous essay question.  Applicants are required to select one of the following  topics, and submit an essay of fifty thousand words or fewer:

(1)  Why I think Aurélie is hot, hot, hot.   (Support your argument with suitable equations from thermodynamics.)

(2)  Why la divine Aurélie does truly deserve the epithet “divine”.   (Cite appropriate patristic authorities.)

(3)  How hard can a hard-on get?  I mean,  jeeezus !!   (Include documentary photos.)

Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your emission I mean submission.
Offer void where inhibited.

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