Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recent developments in the Riemann Conspiracy

A little-noticed news item:

Journalist who ended Gen. McChrystal's career dies in crash
Michael Hastings, best known for a Rolling Stone feature that led to the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, died early Tuesday in a car crash in Los Angeles

The sting against McChrystal was a bigger deal, really, than people realized, given what a key role he played in our nation’s geopolitico-military strategy, and how trumped-up was the entrapment (gotcha-journalism strikes again) that brought him down.   Still, this fait-divers of the LA police blotter  would not excite our interest, but for the following detail, buried in that account:

Coroner's officials said they could not immediately identify the victim, saying the body was burned beyond recognition. Without identification or next of kin, neither the LAPD nor the coroner's department could officially identify the body found in the vehicle.

Immediately, the seasoned observer of the dark doings known generically as the “Riemann Conspiracy”, involving (at a minimum) :  the Vatican, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, the Bilderberg Group, the Red Orchestra, the “Four Just Men”, and the Junior Rotarians Auxiliary Society of Cedar Rapids Iowa (some in league with each other, some only pretending to be in league, and some sworn enemies  to the knife), detect the tell-tale ear-marks and thumbprints.   Where Hastings may have been whisked off to -- and whether voluntarily or not -- we have no idea.   But They will find him.  They will find him. 
They always do.

[Warning:  Simply by reading this post, you have opened your computer, and all your personal communications and private movements, to surveillance.  Log out, destroy your PC, buy a brand-new one, set up a fake account and log on, and  -- using TOR, of course, plus encryption -- follow the following thread -- wherever it may lead!

~  Posthumous Endorsement ~
"If I were alive today, and in the mood for a mystery,
this is what I'd be reading: "
(Ich bin Leopold Trepper, and I approved this message.)
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For those conoisseurs among you,  interested in the extremely obscure and uncertain “Iowa” connection, click here:
[Update 14 July 2013]  This just in --  Fragment scribbled on a napkin, clutched in Agent Kaplan’s cold dead hand:

When Ralph saw Ortcutt  in his brown hat  behaving suspiciously, I think Ralph came to believe of Ortcutt that he was a spy, and this despite the fact that he didn’t know, in any helpful way, who Ortcutt was.

A tentative identification has since been made.  See:

            The Man in the Brown Hat

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