Monday, June 10, 2013

De Amore

About Love  -- per se, an und für sich, tout court -- …  I have nothing to say.  The notion is too ambiguous.   Only in the context of certain pairings or dualities or dichotomies, does it begin to offer a purchase to comment and analysis.  To wit:

   (I)  Love and Death.

   (II)  Love and Marriage.

The former is the province of madness and of atheism.  If you find yourself caught in that dialectic -- Get thee to a nunnery, -- or a monastery, as the case may be.

But the latter  leads straight -- well  not straight;  certain choices and efforts and errors are involved --  to Paradise.

For my best shot at making sense of any of this, click here:

For the full set of our essays touching upon matrimony, here.

Basta;  sileo.


The enigma of a woman’s heart,
finally espied  by a Private Eye,
for less than the price  of a Valentine …
This Rose
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