Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The “World of Dr Justice” moves to an online subscription model

Following the failure of our impassioned “Help buy Doctor Justice a yacht” campaign,
and the utter washout of our Winter Fund Drive,
not to mention the rumored $1.2 trillion acquisition of the site by [rhymes with “Oogle”], scuttled by shadowy Overlords of theUnderworld,

inspired by the latest move from the Washington Post

WDJ has set the publishing world on its ear  by announcing a fabulous and bound-to-be-successful  Online Subscription Model!

Just a sample of our delighted subscribers

With this bargain plan (10% off for seniors;  20% off for juniors) we shall offer a wide range of services, tailored to your particular needs.

=>  For only $9.99 per month (plus a $12 weekly handling fee), you have complete and unlimited access to up to 3 (three) posts per year.

=> For a one-time flat fee of $50 (a fittybone), you will be granted Lifetime Comment Privileges.  Thereafter, posting a comment costs you only five (5, V) dollars per comment.

=>  For an additional ten dollars (10 $) we will provide a hotlink to the New York Times website, where you will encounter some genuine journalism and not that lame WaPo stuff.

=>  Become a Premium Subscriber for a substantial but undisclosed fee.  (We shall deal directly with your accountant in re the details.)   With this, you have access to screamingly funny essays, outrageously offensive polemics, profoundly analytical deepthink, and (for a slight additional surcharge)  much much more !!

[Payment via bullion or Swiss francs only, please;  no Euros, dollars, food stamps, or pesos.]

~   ~   Fabulous Update ~   ~

The new $ub$cription model is a roaring $ucce$$ !!   And as we promised you Quality Content,  here is the latest for our Premium Subscribers only --  enjoying a threesome, seXXXsational Sarah Palin /  Susan Rice / Aurélie Delvaulx nude pixxx!!!  (If you have not yet taken out your subscription, this section will appear blank.) --- :


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