Friday, March 28, 2014

Taliban warriors foil sinister Western orchard plot !!

A narrow escape for the innocent peoples of the Islamic emirate!

Taliban storms compound of U.S.-based charity
The suicide bomb and gun attack in Kabul was directed at the Roots of Peace, a group that turns minefields into vineyards and orchards.

Crusader commandos lurking for a chance to attack peaceable Afghan peoples

[Update 30 March 2014]
Usually, an Afghan election — a $100 million, Western-funded exercise — draws foreigners to Kabul like flies to honey, with incoming flights full of consultants, international monitors, diplomats and journalists.

Not this time. Now, it is the flights out that are full, and the incoming planes are half empty. With the possible exception of journalists, foreigners have been leaving Afghanistan like never before during an election period after a series of attacks on foreign targets and the commission running the vote.

An attack on the offices of the Independent Election Commission went on all Saturday afternoon, with staff members hiding in armored bunkers and safe rooms while five insurgents fired rockets and small arms at the commission’s compound, having sneaked into a building nearby  disguised in burqas.

Notice how the Salafis, extremely quick to cry foul if anyone looks squiggly-eyed at their women, and to profess how offended they are if any Western government attempts to regulate going about veiled in public,  yet do not scruple to dress up in drag to carry out their terrorist attacks -- thus further undermining the claims of their own women  to special treatment at checkpoints and so forth.   Fact is, you see someone coming at you in a burqa, you’d better check what is underneath that burqa.


For further examples of neocolonialist infiltration, thrown back by the popular forces of the People, click  here.

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