Friday, March 7, 2014

Verses for Lent

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"Riddle this me, a thing that's three,
 and yet is only one."
"That is the blessed Trinity,
Father, Ghost, and Son."

The caterpillar   with shrivelled skin
in a tent of silk    was laid therein.

"This wench was taken in the act  of foul adultery.
 The law of Moses says she dies. Now you – What's she to thee?

When Christ arose from out the grave
    Oh the leaves drop down in autumn
then some did doubt and some believe.
    and the cherry blooms in spring

Stabat mater dolorosa
iuxta Crucem lacrimosa,
dum pendebat Filius.

"Who touched me?" cried the Christ aloud
and sternly stared among the crowd.

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