Sunday, January 22, 2012

Evitable After All

On the mist-enshrouded plains of Southern Carolina, His Inevitability met Mister Potato-Puff  on the field of battle.   And lost his brand-new rattle.  He got evited;  or, as the saying goes downromneyed.  Swelling even beyond his usual soufflé proportions, His Newtitude cavorted in celebration with Callista, his eighty-second mistress (and third wife).


“Victory has a hundred fathers;  defeat is an orphan.”   But defeat and victory both have a thousand kibitzers, from the commentariat, with instant analyses.   One I heard on NPR this morning as I was making coffee:  Exit polls reveal that Southerly Carolingians didn’t mind the Bain bit, they just don’t like Romney personally.   And the next headline I click on after logging on  says “Romney hurt by Bain”.  (“Which newspaper  d’ya read?”, as The New Yorker used to say.)
Others pointed to a venemous video attacking the downromney phenomenon.  Ironically given that his own SuperPac made that video, Newton was righteously-wrathfully denouncing the casting of aspersions during a political primary (admonishing a reporter who had asked an uncomfortable question, he rather grandly christened the Seven Dwarves' televisual mud-wrestling  as a "Presidential Debate").  In any case, we ourselves can rest content that our own sober, balanced testimony  has in no way impaired the political process;   proof may be found in our judicious and learnèd essay,


Many voters were put off, not so much at Romney’s wealth per se -- such ressentiment is really not characteristic of Americans, mythologues of Horatio Alger, though we do tend rather to look askance at perinatal silver-spoons -- as at the blithe (and lying) way he talks about it, and the careless way in which this vulture/venture capitalist can toss out a line like ‘I like being able to fire people who provide services to me’.   Now, he cried foul on this one, saying he’d been quoted out of context.  And indeed, in a narrow sense, that’s true,  though his choice of metaphor is still psychologically revealing.   But there is a larger context in which The Mitt’s choice of words was exactly on-target;  in this deeper sense, he did not misspeak.

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