Monday, January 2, 2012

Help Dr Justice Get His Yacht ! !

An Emotional Appeal

Can you imagine life without a yacht ?  I can’t.   Just picking up signals here from such outstanding/upstanding leaders as Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, for whom the 99% are like dirt beneath the toenails.  For them, only the 1% count -- and that’s actually something of a euphemism, the real club being limited to a handful of guys who Skullandkeyed at Yale  and prepped at Choate.  And the only way anyone can be any good (on this view) is for everyone to have a yacht that is bigger than anyone else's.  (There may be a subtle paradox in this scheme;  our logicians are working on it.)

So, how is poor Dr Justice ever to get his yacht?     )* sob *(
We ran this past our Economic Logic department, and they came back with a nifty solution:
 => Simply become very very rich !

Ahh… you ask (a stickler for details);  but how is that to come about.
Obviously, not by working; that’s for chumps; here’s why:
So how?

=> Simple.  Just sell millions upon millions of books.

Ahhhh, you add, with a knowing look:  And how do you go about that?

Again, simple.  
The best way is to run in the Republican Presidential primary.  Your wild & wacky behavior will ensure enormous publicity and consequent sales, long after your joke campaign is over.

But what about the rest of us?
Ahhh….  Simplicity itself.
=>  Just ensure that millions of people watch this video:
No-one who watches that video can help buying  a copy -- two, ten copies -- of that rollicking funnovel, Murphy on the Mount.

AHHHhhhhhhhhhh, you say (sly one), and how do you propose to manage that  ??

We-ll … That’s where you come in -- all of you -- my faithful fans -- standing there upstandingly in the farms and fields, gazing out to the horizon -- squall comin’ in …. better get them cows backina barn...
=>  Simply click on that link and “Like” the video !  YouTube tots those stats up, and, before you know it, you’ve got a yacht.

A clever method.  Patent pending.

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