Saturday, January 7, 2012

On Finitude

The essay treating of this topic may be found here;  indeed, it has just now been updated, so hurry and tell your friends.  The purpose of this note is simply to explain the choice of the word “finitude” itself.

It is not -- as it turns out -- itself a rare word: to my surprise, it gets more Google hits than does “finiteness”.   The latter is, however, more common in mathematics.  And it was with a view towards a slightly unfamiliar and formal stylistic value  that I selected finitude as a title for the earlier post.   For I have noticed that readers like to search on  exotic-looking words:

anaetiological, monostich, laplacian, apophthegms [so spelled], gematria, supraluminal, ewig weibliche, esclandre [this one’s French; but within French  it enjoys the sort of curiosa status that something like “apophthegm” does  within English], sesquipedalian, cryptomelodia

are examples of some of the words that readers have googled in a successful search for this site.

Pentimento.  Weltschmerz.  Thrawn.   All good words.

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