Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEWSFLASH !! WDJ Joins the Internet Strike

Dateline Geneva, Global Headquarters building of WDJ International Worldwide Enterprises, UnLtd. --

In a surprise announcement, the celebrated Website “The World of Doctor Justice”, the premier destination for Internauts craving the latest on such burning issues as Cantorian Realism, Trinitarian minimalism, and monostichs in a range of languages, revealed that it too is joining such major competitors as Google and IcanHasCheezburger  and initiating a partial shutdown in protest of … well, let’s see.  There is so much to protest.  Since Google (That Which Must Be Obeyed) and Wikipedia (the All-Knowing, the All-Wise) have the SOPA bubble safely in hand, we needn’t worry about that, so let’s see … Hmm… Gotta get in on the action here, everybody’s doing it… I know !    Misleadingly large, intricate, and hard-to-open packaging of tiny products.    Like, this little whoosis here, hiding in a mostly ceilinged-off corner of a larger package, the top half of which turns out to be entirely empty, and the various inner walls and barriers  surprisingly resistant to prying.    You could probably get the product out via the “eversion of the sphere” maneuver, or maybe doing a Banach-Tarski reassembly[*] in which the packaging would be reconstituted at five times its previous size while leaving the product intact, at which point it could be extracted through the now-ample apertures.  But that would require the Axiom of Choice.

[*Note:  In solidarity with the Wiki strike, we linked here to the French version, which is still operational.]

Footnote:  We are also quite upset by the Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis, but shall reserve that protest for another day.
OK, so, In Protest, we are refusing for the next 24 hours to post anything funny.  No no -- don't beg -- we are firm in this resolve.  Wise, observant, philosophical -- no problem;  but nothing funny.  So there.
And those of you who think that this very post is funny (Russell-paradox-fashion), well, all I can say is, you are easily amused.

~            ~            ~

Avis à nos lecteurs francophones:
Cette abstention ludique ne s’applique évidemment pas aux communications d’expression française.  Alors, figurez-vous:  Un prêtre, un rabbin, et un capybara  entrent bras dessus-dessous  dans un bar …

~            ~            ~

Late-breaking update
Owing to howls of protest from Internauts demanding their daily dose of metafunny, WDJ is now willing to compromise, not to the extent of actually posting anything rib-tickling, but in linking to such fare elsewhere:

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