Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Boycott Rages On !

Dateline, the Bat-Cave, inner sanctum of the Elders of WDJ. --
In an unprecedented move, the World of Doctor Justice is extending its Web blackout for a second straight day, in protest of … what was it now … oh yes, -- user-hostile plastic packaging that can only be separating with a blasting torch, in the process creating sharp edges that can slice your fingers off.   In thus outdoing even Wikipedia, Dr Justice has clearly demonstrated his commitment to … stuff.

Furthermore, the site has upped the ante.  In addition to resolutely refusing to publish anything ludic, comedic, risible, rib-tickling, side-splitting, kneeslap-inducing  or ROFL-level material, the site is now threatening to publish jokes minus the punchline.  There is therefore now unbearable pressure on Congress to do … stuff.

=>  A priest, a rabbi, and a capybara  walk into a bar.
The priest orders a dry martini;  the rabbi orders a wet one; and the capybara orders swill.
The bartender says, “I’m sorry, we don’t --“

So, what did the bartender say, hm, huh?  Wouldn’t you just like to know!


  1. Ha! (Readers, click on that link.)
    *You're* allowed to be funny, Pyesetz,
    but we -- we stand firm upon our vows.
    Not until ... stuff happens ... will we jest again ......