Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let us be fair to our Republican friends

There is much malfeasance among Republicans, which it is appropriate to address.  But let’s cut them some slack when they’re right on some given issue, even when their stance is adopted for self-interested reasons.

Thus, consider the various bills to tighten up on voter registration fraud.   The Left protests that this is far less prevalent than the Right proclaims.  Fine, what of it?  How do you defend fraud?  The only thing to bear in mind is:  What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.  We must likewise scrutinize:  Tax fraud, financial fraud, agribusiness fraud -- all of these activities being, in dollar terms, Republican specialties.

Or again:  The one legitimate point made by the G.O.P. about Obamacare is that those who solicit subsidies should be evaluated as to whether they qualify.  So be it!  And at the same time, let us vet the much more lucrative petitions for subsidies, from millionaires pretending, purely for tax purposes, to be farmers or ranchers.  And as for ethanol subsidies, try to find a shred of an excuse for those.

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