Saturday, February 12, 2011

Agnostics Take a Turn

It hardly seems sporting, that Realists and Theists should hog the microphone on this site, without allowing agnostics to have a whack at it.  Accordingly, we ventured forth to the mall (whither we as seldom as possible repair), to see if we could locate any.  They turned out to be surprisingly easy to find.

Interviewer:   So, miss:  are you an agnostic?
Shopper:  What are you, some kind of prevert?  That supposed to be a pick-up line?
Interviewer:  We’ll take that as a ‘yes’.    What is your analysis of -- excuse me, in deference to the currently reigning idiom, how do you feeeel about, Cantorian Realism?
Shopper (doubtful):  Dunno.  Does it make me look fat?
Interviewer:  Er… actually, yes.
Shopper:   I hate it !!!

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