Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TWoDrJ Annual Fund Drive

 It’s pledge week here chez Doctor J, and we are ready to field your calls.

Many of you may be unaware that this site receives no subvention of any kind: neither public nor private, open nor clandestine.  The whole thing is powered by a single hamster in an exercise wheel.   

The hamster has not eaten for weeks.   You need to send money so we can buy him some life-giving carrots.  (Please don’t send carrots;  I’ll handle that end.)  If you do not:  The hamster will die.    The hamster will expire in furry agony, the wheel will grind to a halt;  and this fine site will go off the air -- forever.
And it will be   all --  your -- fault ….

Everyone who contributes will be enrolled on the Honor Roll, to be prominently posted for all to see.   Categories (by rank):

     Give us all your possessions, plus your first-born.

Minor supporter:
     Liquid assets only, and the runt of the litter.


Flint-fisted penny-pinching tightwad:

Lowest form of pond scum:

[The remaining categories cannot be named on a family-oriented blog.]

So -- send in your hard-earned dollars, for the good of the cause.
If the drive is successful, we might have another one next month.

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