Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got a pen(cil)?

Now -- me (as you might imagine), I’m a writin’ kina guy.   And yet nevertheless sometimes, I find myself stranded somewhere someplace, with a brilliant idea in my brain -- and no pen.  Unforgivably unprepared.  I mean -- do you go out without wearing pants??  Then how can you go out without carrying a pen ????

Just watched the movie “State of Play”, with a very good Russell Crowe.  One of his shticks is twitting his fellow-reporter about needing to have a pen on her at all times.  This throwaway mini-motif is embodied, towards the end, in a quite lovely scene.

It is a tribute to the depth of “Memento” that, after smiling at the romantic whimsy of that scene, I was recalled, with a thump, to the existential crisis  of Leonard’s not having a pencil on him, at one crucial juncture.    There is some analogy with the way the mystic mindset  infuses each squirrel, each rose, with abundance.  In “Memento”, every each least action is serious stuff ….

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