Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grommet Top Curtains

We were shocked, shocked, shocked  to read this scandalous exposé in this morning’s Times:

“The Dirty Little Secrets of Search"

Thank goodness that evil international conspiracy has been unmasked at last!  Now that the rapacious dinosaur J.C. [USP corporate name redacted] has been banished from the cyberjungle, some of us li’l furry critters have a brief opportunity to poke our noses out and enjoy the sun.

Furry critters such as -- just to take one instance -- the Humble Woodchuck.

Take, for example, the fascinating topic of Grommet Top Curtains (also spelled Grommet-top Curtains or Grommet-topped Curtains; the singular would be “Grommet Top Curtain”;  common synonyms: curtains topped with grommets; curtain-bottomed grommets; curtains with these little like grommety thingums up top; grommet-top drapes).   How handsome they look, stirring in the breeze, their glinting grommets gleaming from on high!  Now, we don’t actually sell this item on this site (yet), but we can scientifically report that

Nine out of nine Humble Woodchucks prefer grommet-topped curtains to like, you know, the other kind.

This is a pretty important result, and I hope you’ll all link to it.

O which reminds me --
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[Update 3 Sept 2011]
It just occurred to us that
=>   grommet
rhymes with
=>   vomit
and with precious little else.
So far, we have been unable to turn this insight to commercial use.

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