Sunday, February 6, 2011

TWoDrJ: A Guided Tour

How to find, within this forest, each example of some species of tree?

Each individual post is provided with clickable Labels, displayed at the bottom.   If any topic there listed interests you, you can read further essays with the same Label by clicking on one.
The default order of presentation is LIFO -- newest posts on top.  So, to follow a thread logically, you’ll want to begin reading at the bottom.

The central category, carrying out what is pretty much our mission statement, consists of posts relating to Platonism/Mathematical & theistic Realism:

Additionally (with some overlap), see:



You can also find coverage of more specialized topics:

In math:
Category Theory:

Urysohn Metrization Theorem

The Continuum Hypothesis:

In physics:

String Theory:

But it’s not all work and no play, here at the World of Doctor J!  No-o-o.  Here is some fun stuff:

Movie-based meditations:

(This category is so far meagerly represented, but you can find another example here:)




And last but by no means least (well, actually, yes, least), our furry friend, the Humble Woodchuck:

You can also search on keywords using the white rectangular box at the upper left.  Try e.g. Riemann, quantum, topology,  symmetry, Chomsky, Whorf, bricolage, or epistemology.

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