Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Interrupt This Blogcast …

We selflessly interrupt our annual fund drive to direct your attention to this pressing need.

Little Timmy Needs Your Help!

There he lies, on his little bed, almost totally consumed by his tragic affliction.
He moan;  he groan;  he chat with fellow-sufferers on the telephone.

Already you are probably racing to begin collecting those little aluminum pull-tab thingies – but alas!  In a tragic development, it turns out that little aluminum pull-tabs are (incredibly) *not* a cure for cancer, or almost anything else!  In fact, the only disorder this favorite remedy is actually able to address, is hematopultabopoenia – a condition so rare as to be non-existent (and which in any case responds equally well to aspirin).
No-o, the only thing that can help Timmy now  is –

 =>  Send your Social Security Number, credit card info, mother’s maiden name (if applicable), penis length (again, if applicable) and bank account numbers,
to Timmy’s personal private website:

In conclusion, here is a message from Timmy Himself,
sent personally to you and you only :

              “TH – th -     th-th-th-   ..   thththththth—
                  th-th-th-a-    -a ---    thththththaaann-k-   th     th
                            th th th ththaannnkkksssss …..”


  1. hematopultabopoenia - does this condition afflict humble woodchucks?

  2. They suffer from it grievously -- one furry ball of woe!
    Ow, ow, ow! Send all your money now!