Thursday, February 17, 2011

Testimonials from Royalty

As part of our Pledge Week festivities, we’ll be posting a thrilling litany of celebrity endorsements.
Here’s one from H.R.H. Prince Mbobo -- unanimously voted Best Dressed Gentleman for 2012 !!!

~      ~      ~


Sirs, hello.  I am Prince of Nigeria, writing to you from my cold hard prison cell.  Nothing to eat for many weeks.  No water; no cable -- funky dial-up connection.
Only a tamed spider for company.
And all this over a lousy unpaid parking ticket!!!
Just wait till I get back on throne – hoo boy!

But for now, my fate is in your hands.
You, and you alone, can save me.
Simply send me all your money, and when I get out, I give it back to you with interest at above market rates.

No-one can offer you  better deal than that!

     Prince Mbobo.

Wire funds to following site:

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