Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beyond the Blind Watchmaker

We all know that parable of Natural Theology; kudos to William Paley.  You walk along the beach, see a stone, sorta looks like Nixon … probably the waves molded it.  But:  You find a watch, keeping perfect time:  there must be a Watchmaker.

Darwinians -- Dawkins at their polemical head -- charged into the fray, with such works as The Blind Watchmaker.  Correctly noting the astonishing evolutionary sagas for which Natural Selection offers a reasonably plausible account.   Watch, cf. eye;  blah-de-blah-de-blah;  q.e.d.   (There may be objections;  but for sake of argument, let us simply accept these accounts.)

But then -- lo, what is this, amid the driftwood ?   The truths of Topology !  Timeless -- immutable-- beyond all species or genera.  Whence these ?  -- Nay, but stranger still :  our own miraculous, unsurvivalworthy  consilience with this:  Our halting, but yet  admirable steps, in harmony.  As: the Urysohn Metrization Theorem.  What ebb-tide ever left that upon the shore ? !

-- This I offer, not as proof, but as matter for meditation.  And yet -- independently of this -- antecedently to this, and to all evidence  else:  I do, indeed, believe in  Him, the imprint of Whose fingers   we yet feel  upon the flesh ….

Praise Him.

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