Sunday, November 13, 2011

Governor Nabbed in Orthoëpic Capybaral MONOSTICH megascam

(Never mind me; just pumping the stats…)
Q: monostich ?
A:  grommet !
A testimonial tribute from Rick “Dick” Perry:  
“For a while, I thought I was qualified to be President.
Then I read some of Dr. Justice’s wonderful monostichs,
and I realize I’m just a sorry-ass bunghole.”
(Tweet)  “Dropping by Obama’s crib, for Him to  Use  me, as He sees fit …”
[Notice -- That last line’s a monostich.]
Here is an example of the sort of sorry-ass you-lose worthlessness  that comes up in a Google search  way before any single one of Dr J’s luscious juicy genuine monostichs:
Quote Authors: monostich
These are all authors with the name monostich.
Sorry, no author found.
monostich Quotes and Quotations
Below is a random selection of 25 monostich quotes and sayings. Refresh to see more sayings and quotes about monostich.
Sorry, no quotes found.
Now me -- I don’t mind standing in line behind any would-be poet’s  would-be (possibly two-line, certainly misspelled)  actual attempted monostich, be it Sarah Palin’s be it Joe the Plumber’s;  fine.   But this stuff --  Google, you smokin’ crack?  You guys all masturbating?  Get (effing) real  !!!

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